Tuesday, August 5, 2014

long time no blog

I haven't blogged since I went to Denver from June 28 to July 7th. Loved my trip but I ended up putting my back out lifting my suitcase when I got home. Since then I kinda only made cards on demand and have not taken photos of them. My project life is a month behind. I do however have a clean basement after doing little bits the last few weeks. I have also finished a PowerPoint presentation for a dyslexia conference I am presenting at, at the end of August. I recently purchased new shelving for my craft space at IKEA and that is now my next project to start Thursday. First I have to empty the unit I have and move it into the garage. (My daughter is taking it for the new townhouse she is buying. Settlement is August 28th. I'm so proud of her for doing this. She is single and just turned 25.) Then assemble the new unit and get it organized. Then I am done, done, done with my summer projects. I have been devouring books this summer as always. I did win a new kindle fire at my conference in Denver so "Woot!" on that. My original nook is getting temperamental and I don't care to read on my iPad. I like to hold "book" size when I am reading since I'm a lay down kinda reader. In addition to everything else this summer I am pursuing a few ongoing health concerns. I got my skin ck'd and had a few spots "frozen" off my face from my young years as a sun worshiper. I also went to a pulmonary specialist to try to deal with all the chronic asthmatic/bronchitis issues I have had for the last 3 years. I am having a procedure tomorrow to help with the diagnosis to get it controlled once and for all. All in all it has been a good summer that is flying by…

The above thank you cards were not my original design but when things don't happen exactly as you plan you can say it's only paper and toss it or make it into something else. This was a make it into some thing else kinda thing… The sentiment was cut on my cameo. I needed a bunch of quick cards to send out for the birthday gifts I received.

Sunday I played with my cricut.. Oh how I have missed it… Will post a picture tomorrow.

A new technique I have played with this summer is heat embossing images with clear embossing powder then using a blending tool to add colors for backgrounds. It's very cool. I have also seen it with watercolors but I am trying to be good and use what I have.  Hope to not be MIA in the future.

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  1. Life does have a way of interrupting crafting time doesn't it? LOL Sending positive thoughts for tomorrow. Stay strong! BTW your 'Thank You' cards are beautiful! So vibrant! : ) Christine