Saturday, August 9, 2014

project life page

I had a change of plans today. I was supposed to go to an outdoor street festival in a near by town but my friend wasn't up to it… So what do you do with a whole afternoon of unplanned time? Catch up the entire month of July's pictures and start August. This page is my beginning of August. I used several of my new Heidi Swapp PL products.
Now that pictures are caught up I NEED to unload my shelves and get the new ones assembled before school starts. I'm a hard worker.. it's the starting of a project that I have difficulty with. It seems overwhelming so I stall the whole process unnecessarily. Silly really.

I made the difficult decision today to cancel my studio calico monthly PL kit. I think having it arrive today right after I emptied the last few months into my color coordination system I realized that I rarely use the stamps in it, probably half of the embellishments, and rarely the alphabet letters so really it was hard to justify the price for just the cards. I was also a bit disappointed today in some obvious change in packaging and is the quality changing?? Not sure. It doesn't actually say project life anymore so I am wondering if their affiliation with Becky Higgins has ended.  I will miss looking forward to it every month. I am thankful that I got it because it pushed me to try embellishments I wouldn't have without it.  But with shipping it's a little over 25 a month and if I am not using 75% of it then my craft money is better spent elsewhere.

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