Thursday, August 7, 2014

my project life process

I originally started out as a digital scrapbooker back in 2003. I was determined not to get into all that paper "stuff". My very dear friend Linda who was killed a few years ago by a drunk driver started a summer scrapbooking group at church in I think 2006. I said I'll come but I'll crochet. Famous last words. I was hooked. From there card making evolved to be a part of my life also. After  several years I began to feel that all my scrapbooks had the same events over and over. I read about project life but there was no way I could commit to every week. After Linda passed the next January I started a happy book as I called it using a smash book. Recording all the happy day to day things in life because when Linda was gone it truly made me realize how precious each and every day is… I did that for two years but I hated that I still had a scrapbook of the big events and a separate happy book. Last September I merged the 2 into a project life album that is monthly.. I cannot be bothered with weekly. Just not me. And I add full page layouts for special events.

This is my process:

I created a template of the pocket design I use and laminated it. I actually have 4 for when I am working on multiple pages at a time and moving things around. (I am thinking of branching out into adding vertical pockets sometimes.) I then layout the pictures. Begin to add journaling. Then embellishments… I rarely complete an entire 2 page spread in a night. I like to walk away, then come back later and add embellishments. Because they are on the laminated pages I can stack them on top of each other move to a corner of my table and work on something else till inspiration comes back to finish. The page you see here needs more embellishing but I'm not feeling it tonight so I will move it aside and work on something else. All the cards and embellishments are from studio calico monthly kits but don't ask me which one. I always mix them up…

Super excited about the new Heidi Swapp project life items. Went to Michaels tonight. The end cap is set up and they are scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I have a birthday gift card burning a hole in my pocket!!! I was the gold set, and a few other things. The truck is due in at 9. So I will call them. No sense going till the are putting the stuff out.

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