Thursday, January 31, 2013


I call my smash book my happy book. I use it as my project life book and I started in January 2012 after losing some special people in my life. I felt that I needed to record more everyday simple things from taking a picture of my toes after a pedicure, super bowl food layout to saving memorabilia from a play.  I actually completely filled one in 2012 and I am on my second one. I can't be confined to the every week of project life or the little pockets. When I think of it I snap a picture and put it in. I use Kerry Bradford templates, photoshop elements to re size pictures and recently found the pic stitch app for my iphone. I haven't posted any of these pictures in a while. These are pages I did on Tuesday night. I did cover up one picture I do not want to show. I recently saw a new brand of smashbook type book in Michaels. I forget the name. I think I like it because it is notebook style to add pages... Maybe when this one is full I will try that brand. We will see. I like the no fancy rules. No pressure for the perfect layout. Just building memories.

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