Friday, February 1, 2013

last Christmas layout

I never got around to photographing my early holiday layouts but I did manage to take a picture last night of the last two page layout from the 2012 holidays. I used Kerry Bradford  storyboards so I could heavily load the layout with pictures. All 3 2-page layouts for this holiday season came from sei Kris Kringle paper collection I got 2 years ago at a Valley Forge Scrapbooking Event. I used the paper pup cartridge in this layout. I have to say this is not a cart I would have ever bought but it came in my expression bundle way back in 2007. I have used it man times. Go figure. I got Christmas gift money from my ex-in-laws and bought my first expression between Christmas and New years with an online deal from ACMoore that included 4 cartridges. Who knew an addiction was in the making. LOL I hope you can see in the one picture my mom is holding up a wall hanging. My mom always sang that to my kids when they were babies and my Darcy found that in an Etsy shop and had to get it for my mom for Christmas. I love that my young adult children already get the importance of family connections and lifetime memories.

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