Thursday, December 15, 2011

Probably be MIA at least a week

I am pretty sure there will be no post between now and Christmas but I might get lucky. Coming off not feeling well since Monday. Horse voice, sore throat and congested.... I did a major SAMS run tonight. Tomorrow party, Saturday memorial for my Father in law (Yes I have been divorced 12 years but I was married for 20 and they have always been generous to me.. They have actually supported my cricut habit over the years with their generous Christmas gifts funding my first cricut expression and then it just rolled from there) Saturday night party, Sunday Christmas show at the local theatre with my mother and then next week Monday 3rd meal at my church for the needy and the rest of the week will be devoted to trying to make some Christmas cookies. Busy times but I feel blessed to have the opportunity to have them. So thankful that my daughter started her new job at a local hospital. She worked so hard for her BSN and I am grateful for the opportunity for her to use her degree.

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  1. So sorry about your loss. Take care and get well soon!