Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday season is here!

Thursday Barnes & Noble night for my school. Friday out with friends. Saturday WW meeting, hair highlights and cut for the holidays and Toys for Tots Party. Sunday Day trip with my brother, SIL and mom to Cape May.. My brother is really good with the day trips for my mom. My kids and I do all the day to day things to help, doc appointments, groceries, trash out etc.. but my brother Mike thinks of the special things. I am making a New Years resolution after today to stop and smell the roses more.. There are so many free day trips in my area and I never take advantage. I am homebody at heart but when I take these day trips and I see all the people I think why do I hide in my house so much.. fun day. My mom worked in Cape May pre and during WW 2 at a hotel that is still there and operating today. She loves it there. At 90 she needs to see and enjoy things more. My mom, Sil and brother are in the pictures. I am the picture usual.. :-)

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