Tuesday, December 20, 2011

non craft post

I just had to post that my son that has been laid off for sometime got a WONDERFUL job offer today making more money than he made in NYC with great benefits. He is such a kind soul and my heart has ached for him while he has been looking for 2 years. He worked so hard to get his MBA at 23 and this has been breaking my heart. Hugs to him. I have had my Christmas... in the last month. My daughter got a nursing job and now this.. WOW a great ending to a year that has been filled with lots of sadness losing so many people I know.

On the baking front I make toffee bars last night and mixed the cream cheese cookies that go in the freezer. Tonight I made spiced pecans, oatmeal lace cookies and coconut macaroons dipped half way in milk chocolate. Tomorrow when my daughter is off it is the butter cookies with the press. ( She wants to sprinkle them) Still need to roll the cream cheese cookie logs I froze in green and red sugar slice and bake. Probably Thursday night for that. Oh and tonight I printed more labels with the imagine to cover nuggets to toss around the cookie trays.

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