Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh my....

Right about now I am wondering what I was thinking that I would cut and make all the table arrangements for this retirement dinner.. As of this afternoon I have over 75 flowers cut and assembled. Each flower has 6 layers to it.. I have not started the leaves and greens yet. I am thinking we need to assemble one arrangement for me to get the proper measurements for the greens.. Gee that means I need to find the right containers since I took back my original purchase since it didn't match the flowers..

Wish me luck tomorrow. Called out sick. I am getting a CT scan of my upper abdomen. They think I have a hernia at one of my incision sites from my hysterectomy and bladder lift last spring.. Ughh I hope I can gag down the barium..

I really DO NOT want to miss school again this spring. I have had such a good year with my kiddies. Hoping that what ever it is can wait until summer. I may have to give up my trainer and weights at the gym if in fact it is a hernia.

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  1. Sounds like you are super busy... I will say a little prayer that your results come clean.. hopefully nothing major. Take care of yourself.