Saturday, March 5, 2011

clearing my space

I hate half finished projects.. I have a bunch of these Christmas images that I stamped and colored playing with my copics right after the holidays.. This weekend I want to get them all put on cards and filed in my Christmas card box.. ( I try to make my cards all year long so by Christmas I have a handmade card for everyone I send to) The paper and ribbon are all Paperteryink. I used my new i rock to adhere the gems.

Thursday night I cut flower pieces for probably 3 1/2 hours. My friend Linda was the flower assembler.. I think we got between 60 and 70 flowers completed for the table arrangements.. Most of those flowers were all pattern. I am going to concentrate now on solid colors for mixing in. Everything is staying in the pink and red family. I took back the pots I bought. Did NOT go with the flower colors. I am going to go with baskets. I am going to take back the taffy sticks. We are going to go with wooden sticks instead. I have lots of leaves to cut.. Good thing I still have 3 weeks to get it all done. We figure we need at least 100 flowers to make all the arrangements.

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