Monday, July 29, 2013

Christmas in July

I made a dozen of these last week.. I was a tad disappointed in the crispness of the cutting lines.. I did double cut on the silhouette but it was papertrey in card stock and that is so super thick..oh well it is what it is. It took me 2 evenings around my daughters sleep schedule to get them done... I find I am crafting less because I can't use my machines when she is sleeping. Often by the time she leaves for work and I have the kitchen cleaned up from dinner I have lost my craft inspiration!!! Oh well we will find a compromise. I worked on my happy book tonight at caught it up to 7/20... I printed the pictures from then till now to try to finish them up real soon...

I turned in all the curriculum mapping work I have been working on today. I am completely free for the next 3 weeks till I go on my mission trip... My son is on vacation next week and will be staying at my MIL's beach house where my ex now lives. I might go to lbi for the day to be with him.. Don't think I can stay over with him there though... too creepy!!!

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