Tuesday, July 16, 2013

blogging break

I took a long blogging break...First it was the busy time at the end of school, then I went to Atlanta for 9 days, now things are finally settling down. I have been crafting. My happy book and scrapbooks are up to date. My Atlanta trip book is almost complete. I am waiting for some supplies I ordered to finish it. I have made the decision to combine my happy book and my  regular scrapbook into one format. using project life pocket pages and adding my full page scrap pages when it's a big event. I have about 4 more smash pages and then I will switch over. Mine will not be weekly. I will just add things as I go. I am not worried that I am not starting January 1 or mid year. I will start when I start. LOL!

This is a card I made before I went to Atlanta so my daughter would have it on her birthday. I got home the day after this year but we celebrated big anyway!!!

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