Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday night

Okay here is a picture of my bed from Sunday night... no pictures on the walls etc.. I have to say I know every ones taste is different but I just love my new color combination. I always have a green bedroom. Its my favorite color. I love the purple and green. I still have a few more pictures to replace and a new area rug to get. I have to say I have always been a light colored wall painter. I do not know where my teal craft room came from in August and now this darker green tea green wall color with dark drapes.

My good friend is turning 30 and they are having a party for her on Saturday... The theme is zebra since she and her husband are going to be opening a new salad and wrap place in town. The store will be called green zebra. Thus my green zebra card. I got the zebra cutting pattern from the silhouette store... BTW still working on my first free 10.00 from there. I'm proud of myself.

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