Thursday, April 5, 2012

me update

I have been very busy with meetings at the beginning of the week after work and yesterday when I had a free day I walked in, picked up a book and that was all she wrote.. Never got on the desktop computer to clear out emails or anything.... Just the iPhone for important stuff.....

As of the end of school today it is officially spring break.., With that said don't expect any projects soon. I am expecting a mulch delivery here tomorrow between 8 and 10 am and another at my moms that I will have to spread....Hoping to get as much as I can on mine tomorrow then on Saturday draft my son when he is off work to help finish here and help with my moms. Ughh my daughter worked last night and is working tonight so she will be useless tomorrow... All night 12 hour plus shifts are a killer and she works again Saturday night so she will be sleeping during the day... so will not be a mulch pusher.... Hoping to have it all done by Saturday if not Monday with Sunday off for Easter. Tuesday is dental work.... my permanent crown and maybe finally painting my bedroom by the end of the week.. Sigh such a relaxing week right.. That's okay just the change in schedule recharges the batteries and having things caught up at home makes work easier.

At church tonight really missed Linda... such a hole in my heart. Her husband and family have such strength!!!

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