Saturday, January 21, 2012

photshop elements is in the house

Okay we had mild snow over night with some icing .. plus my daughter is on nights this weekend so we have to keep the house quiet... so no vacuuming.. hehehe a good excuse. I spent hours today and I do mean hours learning to create pages of sized photos to print.... the good news I can do it. The bad news I need a new ink cart for the printer because it is printing orange because the blue part is empty. I thought no problem I'll print on my Epson and true to form after cleaning the heads one one of the individual color inks ran out!!! grrrrr I was so ready to put the photos in my smash book!!! Off to staples tomorrow. I do know I can create 8 X 10 templates to send out but I wanted instant gratification today that was not to be. Can't wait to learn more of the color editing and text box etc.

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