Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I don't get as excited on Halloween as I used to because at school I host the alternate activity.. meaning those children who do not celebrate and their parents still send them to school.. BTW I don't know if I mentioned that I teach BSI kindergarten which is remedial groups for kindergarten. Anyhow I digress... I have to say that I LOVE giving out the candy. I will not let my kids do it now that they're grown cause I am always hoping to see my school kiddies to say hi,.... PLUS my kids don't pay attention to the "special" neighbors that we give the special treat bags to.. ( the immediate block kiddies). I had a daddy yell from the curb tonight aren't you Mrs. White? I said yes and he said... I'm Isaiah..a former student of mine with his child.. I love it.. As a K teacher I don't get to see many of my kids grown up remembering me.. since I used to teach special ed kindergarten, then BSI.... For these kids school isn't always the best experience.

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