Thursday, October 27, 2011

The glass block story

I was walking through ACMoore and saw these glass blocks on special buy. My son and I pondered them.. Thinking we could glitter them like the balls... Then put vinyl lettering on them with a light inside... I got 3 for my mantel that will spell out joy.. Those are not done yet. I bought one with the stand to make a birthday gift for a friend who's birthday is in December. Anyway, I glittered the block and it sat.. On another trip to ACMoore I got the light bulb that clips into the bottom of the stand to go in the block. In the store I had the brain child to etch the block instead of vinyl it because I had just seen Tammer Skinner post pictures of glass etching. So I toss the etching cream in the cart.. NEVER looking at the price!!! 24.99!!!!!! WOWSER.. So I finally make the stencil.. etch the block and it works great but you can't even see it with the glitter back round with or without the light on.. So I cut the white vinyl and placed it right on top of the etching... I am going to find a project to etch.. I always get my one brother a bottle of Merlot for Christmas.. I think I will get a wine glass to go with it and etch his name on it....

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