Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finally on a roll

Tonight it the first night that I have been really productive in the craft room for some time. I have had meetings, obligations, all while in deep grieving for my good friend. Still really struggling with that. My allergies have been terrible and I waited way to long to go to the doc.. I am asthmatic and just kept doing treatments hoping for the best. Anyhow..on lots of meds now and hope to feel better soon.

I made a friends birthday gift tonight. 8 monogram note cards. I was so happy to get them done I wrapped them up and didn't take a picture. LOL

I finally cut all the vinyl to finish the xmas balls and a glass block that are gifts. I'll post the balls today and the block tomorrow as that has a story. I made about 17 balls.. I used 5 different types of glitter material inside. I think I liked the Martha Stewart tinsel glitter and big glitter. The metallic glass beads were yuck.. They clumped together and look terrible.. Win some lose some.. The iridescent fine glitter and just regular craft glitter look nice also but the first two gave a nicer texture appearance. The vinyl letters were cut using the gypsy font.

High School reunion on Friday night.. First time I am going to one since my divorce 12 years ago.. My ex always goes. We finally get along so it won't be a problem. Gotta clean the house tomorrow.. A friend is sleeping here so she doesn't have to drive home late at night after the reunion.

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  1. Funny how the crafting bug comes and goes - I have invitations for Jackie's baby shower that need to be mailed Monday. Suddenly I am busy making them.

    Your balls are beautiful. Could you bring them along next Thursday? Susan would love to see them I think.