Tuesday, November 2, 2010

election day

I haven't feeling very crafty after the loss of my friend but tonight I tried to play with the smiley cart. I find it difficult to figure out with no images to view and no manuel. I live right out of Philly the soft pretzel city, thus the pretzel card. The base was the shadow welded to make the card base. I added stickles, doodles and the stamp is from My Pink Stamper.

Please exercise your right to vote!


  1. Really dislike this card now that I look at it the next day. I think the dull colors were reflecting my mood.

  2. Oh, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. We almost lost a dear friend these past few days. He had to have a triple by-pass and is only 57 yrs. old! Hopefully he has smoked his last cigarette. I have been after him for years. Yes, I am the nag about no smoking. He was told that with his blockage they usually find these people dead on the street. He was very very lucky that he suffered a mild heart attack to warn him. I understand your mood but remember....you will always remember your friend when you use your gypsy and circut...then just smile for having known her. She was a bit of sunshine in your life!