Saturday, October 2, 2010


I have to say that I cleaned the house, decorated for fall and it took forever because I had to ck out every stop on the pink cricut Imagine blog hop and then every hour Christina from creations with christina posted a video and then on the half hour a give-a-way. It was so fun. My daughter worked 8 - 2 at her local job for some spending money at school then we were off for hours of shopping. She wanted new rain boots. Did not find what she wanted in her size but I got an over the door shoe holder to put my punches in at the container store. Got home, ate and watched the videos I had missed. BTW I think rain boots are a summer thing. Her current pair is 3-4 years old and they have discolored. Any how gotta say I got lots of inspiration today. Hope to act on it tomorrow. It will be a long day with church services, then a memorial for a truly inspirational lady who passed on this week at the ripe age of 97. My daughter works tomorrow again from 8 - 2 then heads back to college. The good news is she will be home next weekend as well for fall break. I have missed her. She needs to come home every so many weeks to work for them to consider her an active employee and this weekend was a must to be on the active list. I have to say they have been very accommodating and I am thankful she has this opportunity to work to make some spending money at school.

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