Saturday, July 17, 2010


Well, I gave my best effort to organizing the multipurpose room today. You can sit on the love seat in here now. I boxed books for a book exchange and it freed up room to place more scrap stuff on the shelves. I then worked on typing some of the narrative of my New Orleans pictures. I took so many pictures over the 10 days I am scraping the Intro pages to each day and then just using pages that hold 12 4 X 6 pictures to slide in. I may have gone over board with printing over 400 pictures but I want to preserve the memory. I probably will never get back to New Orleans. After that I worked on this card for my daughters boyfriend. OMG Everything I held up was no, no, no... She finally agreed I could do a dog card because he just got a puppy. It is a black lab but when the light hits it you see a tint of brown. His eyes are so black that you can't see them thus the cut outs that you can hardly see in the picture.

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