Sunday, November 3, 2013

Christmas tags

I got the idea to make these from TeriBeri. I kind of did it assembly line so it took me two days to make a dozen but I cut the tag base for many more. I set up the cuddle bug in front of the TV last night and cut out all the tag bases, floret die strips, stitched circle dies and the hole tabs. Today after church I assembled all the florets, stamped the sentiment on the stitched circles and put it all together.
I used MCT tag dies, stitched round tab, arrow and tag ties, All around holidays, and scalloped stitched rosette dies. The card case was a super heavy glitter paper I found at Joannes yesterday. As you can see I saved all the scraps from cutting the dies to make the centers. The pattern papers are old pattern paper from my stash.. I will say that I have been having a hard time getting the stitched circle from the die without ruining it.. not sure if my plates need to be changed or what. I found that only if I used super thick card stock could I poke the die out without putting a hole or mark in the circle. I've had this die since it came out so I'm not sure why I had such a time of it yesterday and today.

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  1. These are lovely, Char. They are gonna make your gifts look extra, extra special! TFS Christine