Tuesday, May 3, 2011

quick Imagine card

I just want to say yet again that I love the colors in the All Wrapped Up cart... Not so thrilled with the images but I bought it for the vibrant colors. I sized this at 4" so it would fit into an A2 envelope.

It is time for me to catch up on scrapbook pages.. I did a two page layout 2 Thursdays ago that I never posted. I will get to it. HAHAHA it was pictures of the gifts my kids gave me for Valentines day. When I got up on Valentines morning my gifts were on the kitchen counter where I eat breakfast and my camera was next to it with a note to take pictures to scrapbook. How could I not scrapbook them after that. Tonight I pulled paper and designed on the gypsy the first two pages for a my trip to Peddlers Village with friends I reconnected with from high school on Facebook. Hope to work on them on Thursday night. I have a problem. I can never eliminate pictures from an event. I see all these beautiful layouts on blogs but I just can't manage to do that kind of thing and get all my pictures in. My scrapbooks are about the pictures not the accessories.

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