Monday, May 16, 2011

3rd meal

On the third Monday of each month my church has started providing meals for the low income. Tonight was our 3rd month. It is starting slow but friends are telling friends and bringing them. We are getting mostly seniors from the 2 low income senior housing developments in town. We have people cook, clean, serve, and some of our seniors who can't do anymore just come and eat and fellowship with the people there for the meal. One of our regular ladies from the 1st month suggested tonight's menu.... Meatloaf... I had meatloaf duty last night. I mixed it in 2 pound increments and bought lots of loaf pans from the dollar store. When I got home from work I loaded my oven with tons of meatloaf. My son helped me carry it all on cookie sheets to the car, then church. (I live like a block from the church). It was a nice evening had by all. Meatloaf, Mac and cheese, green bean casserole, cooked carrots and rolls. Desserts. YUM.... I love that they set all the tables with tablecloths and real dishes so it feels like a family style meal. I think my house will smell like cooking meatloaf for days....:)

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