Saturday, December 11, 2010


Not sure when I will get time to craft anytime soon.. :( Today I am off to work a charity Christmas party for local needy families. My church combines with another to provide it. My church organizes the children's gift room. The children get to come in and pick out gifts to give their parents or guardians. We wrap them and and they decorate cards. We hope this helps teach the children that Christmas is also about giving and not just receiving.

My daughter arrived home from college last night.. I am glad to have her home but with that we now have to make a decision about our Bernie dog. He is in a bad way and I think it is his time. We will probably make an appointment to put him down next week. He is blind, deaf, having back trouble, starting to have accidents in the house... the list goes on. He has had a wonderful life since we rescued him 7 years ago from a shelter. He had a bad life till we got him. He had been a stray. He had teeth damage where he might have been kicked. He is so lovable... never understood how anyone could do that to him.. Just gonna love him till we decide.

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