Friday, July 6, 2012


Home at last after 10 days in the nations capital... boy was it hot but I love every minute of it.

I was in DC for the NEA conference but I went 3 days early to sight see.... WOW did I see a lot. All the major monuments, Arlington National Cemetery and the holocaust museum. I did a bus tour past ALL the major places to see... I am so lucky I went early. Everyone that was coming on Saturday by train had hours and hours of delays. Many people just rented vans and cars and ended up driving. Storms took out the trains from Philly to DC. On Sunday all we had was a state caucus ( the nea conference started on Monday) so after a bunch of us took the metro then buses to Mt. Vernon. Wow the history there is unbelievable. I even signed up for a night Segway tour of DC after a full day of meetings where I had gotten up at 5 am to attend. On the 4th of July I braved the crowds after the RA and went and found a spot on the grass next to the Washington Monument to see the spectacular fireworks... Amazing. Lots of business done at the RA but I am happy to be home today on my baby girls 23rd birthday! yeah! Even with a 45 minute train today getting here.

I'm tired, tired tired.. my son just came home and tomorrow we will do the family b-day dinner a day late... Oh almost forgot my gift to her arrived damaged!!!! I am so disappointed!

I will try to regroup and get back to crafting in a few days.

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