Friday, June 25, 2010


I am finally done the never ending school year. I have never in all of my years teaching had such a tearful goodbye. I actually had to leave the final gathering to deal with it privately. I teach in Nj. They cut all kindergarten aides for next year and two teachers. They transferred one to another building with no notice. We had two retirements. We had 11 aides rift to make room for other with more seniority, 2 teacher layoffs, and 2 retirements. Never have I felt such a loss to my profession of such quality people. More importantly I live and work in a town that has the highest low-income housing in the county. They took away all the kindergartens aides for next year and increased class size. There will be nobody to comfort the children who need it..

Finally saying what has been on my heart reveals why I have not been posting as much lately. My creative juices have been sapped.

I am heading to New Orleans on Monday for 10 days but hope to come back refreshed and ready to cricut.

BTW I joined the cricut circle I encourage you to do so also.

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